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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sad Poems (Real Incidents)

1.A bird that flew away

Dear Hari
Why did you hurry?

Why did you commit suicide?
When we were by your side.

Your feelings – why didn’t you share?
When we were all here to care.

Will the problems now end?
No! Never, dear friend.

At an age when you should happily live,
A terrible thing you did which is hard to believe

By doing this, what could anyone gain?
Nothing but giving your loved ones – endless pain.

With your sweet behaviour and innocent face,
You found in our hearts a special place.

Your multiple talents would’ve seen you shine tomorrow,
But your hasty decision has brought never-ending sorrow.

You have taken a permanent leave,
And we’ve no more tears to grieve.

Oh God, Please
May his soul rest in peace.


Years ago, two hearts were united in matrimony
With full of understanding and harmony

They set an example

As an extra-ordinary couple

Even those who've met them just once
Were deeply impressed by their benevolence

"They are a pair so rare
With full of love & care"

To them were born, we - the lucky ones
Three daughters and two sons

All of us were treated alike
Without any disparity or dislike

Lovingly & affectionately, they nurtured us
Which we can never forget in our lives

The very sight of their grand children brought them pleasure
To an extent which none could measure

Alas, the incident on 22nd July 2004 shook us terribly
Oh God! Why was father's tender heart attacked so cruelly?

And now for us -the grief-stricken children & beloved wife,
His memories are the only solace in our life.

3. Little Serena – nipped in the bud
(This is a poem about Serena, who was killed by a manja kite on 15th March 2011.)

A happy family of three was on their way
Probably to beat the heat on a ‘Sun’day

Father, mother and daughter opted for beach
They had just a few more miles to reach

The smiling faced cute little girl Serena
Was all set for an enjoyment in Marina

But Alas! the fate had been written otherwise
It ended in the little one’s abrupt demise

The demon came in the form of a manja kite
Its string tangled her tender neck so tight

The playful boys happily pulled the thread on one side
Unaware that it was slitting the girl’s throat on the other side

“Daddy”, the girl faintly cried out in pain
Rushing her to hospitals were in vain

Serena, you are too young to die – just 4 year old
How many more years could you have lived in this world!

Inconsolable father and unconscious mother – a heart-rending plight
Is the government listening - when will the ban on kite come to light?

Who is answerable?
The loss is irreparable!

No words to console her parents- will their life be the same again?
My heart cries out to them – joining them in their pain

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