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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sad Poems (Real Incidents)

1.A bird that flew away

Dear Hari
Why did you hurry?

Why did you commit suicide?
When we were by your side.

Your feelings – why didn’t you share?
When we were all here to care.

Will the problems now end?
No! Never, dear friend.

At an age when you should happily live,
A terrible thing you did which is hard to believe

By doing this, what could anyone gain?
Nothing but giving your loved ones – endless pain.

With your sweet behaviour and innocent face,
You found in our hearts a special place.

Your multiple talents would’ve seen you shine tomorrow,
But your hasty decision has brought never-ending sorrow.

You have taken a permanent leave,
And we’ve no more tears to grieve.

Oh God, Please
May his soul rest in peace.


Years ago, two hearts were united in matrimony
With full of understanding and harmony

They set an example

As an extra-ordinary couple

Even those who've met them just once
Were deeply impressed by their benevolence

"They are a pair so rare
With full of love & care"

To them were born, we - the lucky ones
Three daughters and two sons

All of us were treated alike
Without any disparity or dislike

Lovingly & affectionately, they nurtured us
Which we can never forget in our lives

The very sight of their grand children brought them pleasure
To an extent which none could measure

Alas, the incident on 22nd July 2004 shook us terribly
Oh God! Why was father's tender heart attacked so cruelly?

And now for us -the grief-stricken children & beloved wife,
His memories are the only solace in our life.

3. Little Serena – nipped in the bud
(This is a poem about Serena, who was killed by a manja kite on 15th March 2011.)

A happy family of three was on their way
Probably to beat the heat on a ‘Sun’day

Father, mother and daughter opted for beach
They had just a few more miles to reach

The smiling faced cute little girl Serena
Was all set for an enjoyment in Marina

But Alas! the fate had been written otherwise
It ended in the little one’s abrupt demise

The demon came in the form of a manja kite
Its string tangled her tender neck so tight

The playful boys happily pulled the thread on one side
Unaware that it was slitting the girl’s throat on the other side

“Daddy”, the girl faintly cried out in pain
Rushing her to hospitals were in vain

Serena, you are too young to die – just 4 year old
How many more years could you have lived in this world!

Inconsolable father and unconscious mother – a heart-rending plight
Is the government listening - when will the ban on kite come to light?

Who is answerable?
The loss is irreparable!

No words to console her parents- will their life be the same again?
My heart cries out to them – joining them in their pain

Friday, March 25, 2011

A few cherished moments at TWWI

I worked as a Senior Animator at TUTOR'S WORLD WIDE (I) popularly known as TWWI for about one and a half years.

1. TWWI’S DAY OUT - 2006

Thanks to our Chief Mr. Sridhar Iyer's visit to India, TWWI ians had a fun and frolic filled day out on July 10 2006.
It was indeed a day to be cherished. Those who didn't turn up for the event really missed something.

As we gathered at the venue “Blue Lagoon Resort”, a warm welcome was given by a charming lady Megha from the “Vibrant Events”.
Just as the motto Childhood relived” of the 'Vibrant Events' goes – the kinda fun we had truly reminiscenced our childhood days.

The show began with a welcome drink followed by face painting and caricature drawing.
The exaggeration (Caricature) was to such an extent that made everyone burst into laughter. The funny costume designing made it even more interesting.

The smiles of some of the TWWI ians were measured with a tape…

To see whose smile
Was closest to a mile!!!

The Game Show began the very minute all TWWI ians took their respective seats for, 6 lucky ones got a prize on finding TWWI stickers on their seat.

Then the birthday babies (those born on that day – July 10th) were asked to come to the stage. As there was none on that day, one that was born on July 11 came forward – Mr Balaji. The Nightingales of TWWI (Ms Sujithra and Ms Bhuvana) were then asked to sing the Birthday song for him.

“There were lots in store for us, fun, fun and only fun
So much that none were deterred by the scorching sun.”

The organizer of the games Mr. David needs a special mention...he was so jovial, loud and clear. He managed the whole show with such finesse that there are no words to describe his talents.

To begin with, we were asked to form 4 different groups i.e.:
1 group – the eldest in the family
2 group – the youngest in the family
3 group – middle one
4 group – the only child.
Each group had to tell an advantage and a disadvantage of being in their respective groups.
The responses to these questions were:

Family Group Advantages Disadvantages
Eldest Responsible & independent Gets all the blame for any wrongs
Youngest Pet of the family end up knowing no work
Middle Safe – No responsibility gets only second hand things
Only Child Gets full love Pampered and spoilt brat

Next we dispersed to form a different group – this grouping was done in a very unique way.
First – the ladies had to remove their left footwear while the gents had to remove their right footwear and leave them on the ground.
Next – these were then shuffled and divided into 6 groups and then packed in 6 sacks.
Then – we had to identify our footwear from these 6 sacks and form the group accordingly.

Thanks to this way of grouping, I got a new (left) footwear (Only the next day did I realize that my left footwear was mistakenly exchanged) A case of mistaken identity!!

And then - what next? – Oops!
We were given TWWI Caps!!

Caps were of six different colors for six groups viz., Blue, Green, Black, Cream, White, Red.

Then, the organizer gave us the liberty to name our own groups…

These were the names that the groups came up with:

Group-Colour Name of the group
Blue Oops (!!)
Green Otteri Nari (!!!!)
Black Porkees (??!!!)
Cream Icecream (mmm..Yummy!)
White Vuga huga (Who??)
Red Red Chillies (Ah! Hot!!!)

Just as the Olympics begin with a march past, so had we to march ahead in our own style (with sound too) for which we were rated by 3 judges – Mr. Mali, Ms. Rama and Mr. Madhukar.

“Oh what fun it was to watch
Each of the groups march!”
The Vibrant Events then entertained us with their innovative games.

I. Participants: Four gents from each group
Rules: In this race, one had to walk with his hands while the other had to walk holding the legs of the former and reach the point and come back while the other two had to continue in the same way.

“Finally, this is what the players got
Both their palms were bruised a lot.”

II. Kangaroo Race (Picked up by David from Australia it seems!)
Participants: 2 gents and 4 ladies
Rules: In this game, one by one all of them had to race ahead with a big ball between their legs jumping like Kangaroos.

“What a jump!! Great fun had we all
To see the ball slip from their legs and fall”

III. Participants: 1 lady and 1 gentleman
Rules: The lady to lather the face of the gentleman with shaving cream.

This was judged by our staff Ms. Sumi Paramesh

“The most lathered face
secured the first place.”

IV. Participants: The entire group
Rules: In each group, 5 newspapers were spread out and the entire group had to stand touching the paper. The papers were then reduced to 4,3,2…. The groups had no other go but to stand one on top of the other so as to fit in the given paper.

“Eventhough a very tough task it may seem
It was solely to bring out the unity of the team.”

V. Sack Fight
Participants: 2 gentlemen
Rule: Putting their legs into the sack, they had to jump and kick all the competitors with their elbows and make them fall.

The same game was there for ladies too.

“Hush a Bush a – all fall down, except one!
Yes! Exactly! It was the person who won!!”

VI. Sock Fight
“After a fight with Sack
Now a fight with Sock.”

Participants: 2 bachelors from each group
Rules: All that the participants had to do was to grab the socks of the competitor. The winner is the pair with the maximum number of socks.

“This sock-fight game ended with a real laugh
For, the socks in winner’s hands were 6 and a half.”

Vibrant’s David named the winner as the crowd puller!!!

VII. Participants: 3 ladies
Rules: To race ahead with odd collections namely:
5 – belts
4 – wallets
3 – shirts
2 – shoe laces
1—whitle hair
We could hear many say- “I just can’t get a single white hair- Oh No!!”
This is because all TWWI ians are young people (at heart!), you know!!!

VIII. Participants: 2 gents, I lady
Rules: To form the longest line on the ground.

All the participants were competing with each group to form the longest line
by lying down on the ground, by spreading their belts, dupattas, and what not.

One team (Oops) was disqualified for using the dupattas of those who didn’t
participate - David was heard shouting,
“Your team is disqualified… Hey! Look!
You can’t win the game by hook or crook!!”

IX. A very tricky game (Lawyer/lawyer)
Participants: 2 gents(senior person) and 1 lady
It was nice to see Mr. Sridhar Iyer participating in this game.

Rules: The participants had to form a circle and answer the questions asked by the orgainser. But it’s a tricky game. That is, the question asked to a particular participant should be answered only by the person left to him/her. And moreover, he should only tell lies – he could say anything which is not relevant to the question asked. It was quite a tricky game for most of them gave a relevant answer.

“From this game, do you know what implies?
The TWWI ians don’t know to speak lies!!”

X. Participants: 1 bachelor
Rules: The participants had to apply lipstick on their lips and then paste the lip marks on the given chart.
The winner was rightly judged by Ms Brinda Venkat

“On the basis of quality
And not of quantity”

XI. Participants: 1 most creative person
Rules: Bark or shout or do something creative in front of the Judge Mr Pravin (TWWI)

Mr Rameshwar bagged the prize

XII. Participants: 1 lady or gentleman
Rules: Show their anger on the Judge

“For this game, Mr Mali was the judge
TWWI ians got a chance to grudge! (Just joking!)

All the efforts taken by other competitors were of no use, for,

“Just a stare from Mr. Rameshwar
Made him the Prize winner!”

Then there was the Prize distribution:

I Prize - “Icecream” Team
II Prize - “Otteri Nari” Team
III Prize - “Vuga Huga” Team

Just as in Olympics, the closing ceremony of our games too had various drills.

Three Cheers to David and others, let’s say,
“Hiphip Hurray, Hiphip Hurray, Hiphip Hurray”!

The next programme was the Cultural Events by our staff members.

Ms Reena compered the show with ease.
She gave us a surprise by singing a Tamil Number (Ennai Konjam…from Kakha, Kakha). When a non-Tamilian sings a Tamil song, it becomes a new style.

Then came Roshan
With a melodious one
“Kanne Kalaimane from Moondram Pirai”

Then …prizes were distributed by Mr Sridhar Iyer for the winners of the Greeting Card Designing Contest which was held in May 2006. The winners were:
I Prize – Mr Govindaswamy
II Prize – Ms Shanthy and Ms Sumi
III Prize – Ms Sasi Priya

Next a mimicry by Mr. Rajkumar – a fantastic performance!
Especially, the sound effects of a train (it’s arriving & departing sound) was simply superb.

Next a beautiful Malayalam Song by Rita, Rajkumar & Bhuvana.

After a few events, the show was compered in Tamil too – by Ms Kavitha.L. Reena and Kavitha seemed to be a nice combination of English and Tamil.

Then there was the Baduga Dance by Jamuna and Team – the costumes were great!

Next – a skit
“An interview by Mauli sorry Srini and Team”
The concept was very good and the whole show was fantastically enacted by all, especially Mr Srini. They all had a chance to imitate the TWWI managers especially Mr Mali, Mr Venkat, Mr Chandru, Mr Chakrapani and others. Credit goes to Mr Saravanan for the excellent concept. Kudos to you.

Next – a Tamil song
Sathish and Bhuvana sang “Kaadhal Pisaasu” from the movie Run.
Sathish kept up the pronunciation of Udit Narayan i.e., “Parrva illai”
Next a dance by Visalakshi and team. Was a nice foot-tapping one!

Then a song – the hit of the year! Yes – “Vaala Meenu” from Chithiram Pesuthadi.
This was sung by Mr Srini. (looked similar to Gaana Ulaganathan in the same yellow dress).

For a change – the next item was – Poetry
A Tamil Kavithai by Mr. Govind

Then – another skit.
This was by Shiva.K and Team
A skit interlaced with film songs (very creatively done!)

Next was a Rock dance – by Naveen and Team
Very professionally done!

Next David emerged on the stage and said that two dwarfs Ramu and Somu would do some tricks on the stage.
In the end we were surprised to know that it was only a single man acting like two dwarfs. He was Mr Ganesh from Madurai (Talent unbelievable!!)

Then – a Tamil song by Ms Aarthi.
She sang “Oorusanam Thoongidichu…from Mella Thirandathu Kathavu”
A very difficult song but she sang with ease!

Then came the most awaited….Yes Dinner

Dinner was excellent that too the non-veg items.
We ate to our heart’s content, sorry stomach’s!!
Those who had to leave early really missed the food.

After dinner, - the show continued…

A dance from the film “Aaru” by Mr Srini and Team.
All the hidden talents unfolded!

And…then a very motivating speech by Mr Sridhar Iyer -
After showing some clippings, Mr. Iyer said that “when a blind person can climb Everest, why not you?” Very encouraging indeed. He said that TWWI is a fast growing company and 10 years from now, it should come to Top 3 position. He persuaded us to unlock our full potential.
Let’s obey him and make our dream a reality!

Then the culturals continued…

The four-legged Ganesh appeared on stage again to capture our attention. He danced with four legs – a real wonder man!!
Mr Mali then gave a momento to Ganesh and just said one word about his performance – “Amazing”. Rightly said for the dance had to be seen to be believed!
Next – a Tamil song – “Devadai Illam Devi” by Mr. Sivasankaran

Last but not the least – a dance item (Kannodu Kanbadhellam….From the film Jeans)
This group dance was by Sophia and Team.
Only when we have a day out like this do we come to know of the full potential of our staff.

For most of the staff, this “Day Out” was a break from the routine.
But for some lucky ones like me, the beginning itself was fine.

The show did not end there – for, most of them were dancing their way to glory to the tunes played by the Vibrant Events.

They just couldn’t stop their dance
Wait till 2007 for another chance

Let’s all thank the management for giving us this wonderful opportunity and also for making the transport arrangements.

All’s well that ends well.

conducted by TWWI for the employees in the year 2006

This is my essay:

I am feeling good about what I am today. TWWI has contributed to this feeling in me. I agree with this for – not many get a chance to make their hobby into a profession and I was lucky to have made it. My interest in arts was kindled in me by my father – a professional artist, but I never thought this hobby would one day become my profession, for I had dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

“What was once my passion,
Has now become my profession.”

My career started as a “Research Analyst” in a Share broking firm, where I had to write about the status of shares (Buy/Sell or Hold) after a thorough industry/company analysis. Although this job was interesting, deep in my heart I was missing something….

After a 2 1/2 years’ stint, I broke off
From this share broker’s firm

Next I moved on to work as a ….

Sales Coordinator in a Plantation Company
But this too didn’t provide satisfaction any

Then came the turning point in my life…..I got appointed as a Graphic Artist at Pentamedia and since then there was no looking back…I thoroughly enjoyed my work – and soon nine years rolled by….and as you all know, it’s natural for every company to have its own ups and downs and this company had to face it and …

Alas, the time had come to depart
Which I did with a heavy heart!

Later, I consoled myself and took it as a blessing in disguise for I was able to spend more time with my little girl.

While the company diverted its attention to Mayajaal
I diverted my attention to Maya (my girl).

The role reversed…

My daughter went out - to school
And I remained at home – so cool!!

Exactly a year passed and it was at this time, that I heard about the vacancy in your esteemed organization for animators through Mr Prem – Creative Director at TWWI and also my ex-colleague at Pentamedia.

The interviewers Mr Mali and Mr Venkat were a great source of inspiration
And I was lucky to join TWWI as a “Senior Animator” – a job of my aspiration

Exactly 6 months have passed and I am feeling good about what I am today.
An added advantage for me is that TWWI is within striking distance from my residence.

TWWI has given me a chance to develop my abilities and moreover working here is enjoyable with fun activities like birthday celebrations – we really forget our age and feel young at heart.

I must say one more thing before I conclude – that is – the kind of appreciation I got from Mr Mali and Mr Rameshwar for my write-up on “TWWI’s Day Out” - was a real motivation for me… (I still cherish those moments).

A Creative Job…
Friendly Atmosphere…
Proximity to Work Place…

What more do I need!!!?

I am very grateful to Mr Sridhar Iyer and the management for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

I thank God too.


Gyaneshwaran(Gyani) is one person who cannot be forgotten by anyone who worked in TWWI. I am lucky to have got a chance to work with him. To know more about Gyani you can read this:

G yani (popularly known) –was TWWI’s most adorable person
Y ou will really be spellbound by his dynamism and innovation
A pproach so organized in whatever he does to avoid confusion
N o wonder at all that a brilliant person like him was -an IITian
E ase + confidence with which he works wins much admiration
S erious-minded with a sense of humour –a unique combination
H is sincerity and involvement in work needs a special mention
W ell known for his ‘Mind-Map’ concept & its implementation
A n ‘Anything-is-Possible’ attitude - proves it by his dedication
R eaches out to his team’ queries and gives a smooth solution
A pple of TWWI’s eye and that definitely is not an exaggeration
N utshell– A bundle of knowledge– a boon to any organization

The few lines mentioned above is the recommendation that I had given for Gyani's LinkedIn users.
But before I gave the recommendation for him, there was a big surprise for me. He had given a recommendation for my LinkedIn users which I can never forget.

When Gyani got married on 3rd Dec 2008, this is the greetings that I sent to him.

(A game organised by Naveen Kumar, Fun at Work, TWWI for all the employees)

TWWI-Fun At Work’s ‘Naveena’ Villayaattu –
“Good Old Years” was indeed a big hittu!!

Tough at the same time, interesting was the game
By looking at the childhood photos – one had to identify the name!!

Thanks to our parents, thaatha’s thambi and Chithappa
For preserving our photos when we were a Paapa!!

The childhood photos that were displayed in four floors were a wide variety
Babies to 10 yr olds, group photos and Oh! Boys in girl’s attire looked pretty!!

Identifying a person from a group photo was not an easy task
Even such photos – a brilliant few were able to unmask!!

Running up and down the floors over and over again
Was tiresome – but as the saying goes- it is No pain, no gain!!

Following the game’s rule “No team work” seemed to have ruled out
For, on identifying a person, in group they would shout!!

One of them was heard shouting with great zeal
Show your photo and I’ll show you mine- a good deal?

While some “rule-sticking” ones said, “Rules are not to break”
If you do so, I’ll see to it that you don’t get the cake!!

Each right answer got two marks and wrong answer- minus one
And for all the unanswered ones, points were none!!

Three Cheers to the winners – Let’s all say
Hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray!!

Congratulations Nirmal on getting the first prize
Great is your capacity to identify and visualize!!

It was nice to cherish the Good Old Years together
The credit goes to Naveen, the game’s organizer!!

...IN KUMUDHAM, Sept 12, 2007

...IN DHINAGARAN, July 22, 2007

6. TWWI's Magazine
( Below is a page in which I have drawn some of the important people of TWWI)


Conducted by City Express (The New Indian Express)

The City Express conducted a Photo Caption Contest for 75 days from (April 10th 2006 to July 4th 2006).

My caption was adjudged as the best and as such I was given the Bumper Prize (Air conditioner).

The Prize Distribution function that was held at the Indian Express Office, Ambattur on August 24th 2006. The prize Air Conditioner was given to me by the DGM, Mr A.N. Chatterjee.

Below is a poem that I had sent to the Indian Express to express my thanks...

I Express...

Sincere thanks – I would like to express
To the renowned publication – City Express!

Last April, you conducted a Photo Caption Contest
During which time, our creativity was put to test!

Participating in this contest was fun
With lots of cool prizes to be won!

For this contest, I had stiff competition from home too
Mother, sisters, brother, husband...Phew! Quite a few!

We awaited the arrival of City Express each day at our door
With great expectations and hope, to see what was in store!

First, the captions of my sister was published, thrice in line
Then, my mother's, husband's, another sister's, except mine!

This disappointment didn't stop me from participating in the contest
Rather, I was more determined and worked harder to give the best!

The contest was held for 75 days and on the 74th day...
My hard work paid off and my caption was published...Hurray!

Thus, like others, I too got my share of Creamy Inn's 1 kg of Ice cream
What more..."You got the Bumper Prize" - I heard my brother scream!

The Bumper Prize was the prestigious Videocon AC
Without this in summer, life wouldn't have been easy

Awaiting more such contests this summer
With a magnificent prize for bumper!

2. SLOGAN CONTEST - Conducted by Reliance Fresh
Bumper Prize from Reliance Fresh...
I got yet another Bumper Prize - this time from Reliance Fresh for the slogan contest they had conducted in July 2007. The Prize was TVS Star Sports Bike.

The slogan was:

I like shopping in Reliance Fresh because:

Reasonably priced,
Little need
Is satisfied
All in
Cool pack
Ever Fresh

Below is a letter that I sent to Reliance Fresh to thank them for the prize.

I would like to express my thanks to one and all at Reliance to have selected my slogan for the Bumper prize. I never miss an opportunity to take part in slogan contests. This is the second time that I am getting a Bumper Prize. The first time it was an Air Conditioner for the caption contest conducted by City Express. The credit goes to my family especially my father (who is no more) who had been a great source of inspiration for me. I also thank my managers and colleagues at TWWI who always encourage me to participate in such contests.

I would like to say a few words about Reliance Fresh.
Though the purpose of my entering the Reliance shop was to take part in the slogan contest, I soon began to visit it more often (not just for slogan, of course!) due to my liking for it. It is the only place where you find the vegetable- Broccoli. I wasn’t aware of it until my brother and family from USA forced me to try it out. And now thanks to Reliance, my daughter has become a great lover of Broccoli.

I once again express my sincere thanks to Reliance. Thanks a lot for the photographs.

Durga U.K


Hamam Saree Offer Contest
My slogan was selected and I got a silk saree...
This is the slogan I wrote for the contest:
Hamam makes me beautiful because…
it is
Having natural herbals like
Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem
Making our skin smooth
And sparkle like

I participated in the Poorvika - Samsung Pongal Contest ....and won a Microwave Oven.

My slogan: