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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blowing One's Own Trumpet

Some people blow their own trumpet
Eventually to lose their name and respect

They exaggerate their abilities day and night
Until their true colours come to light

They always boast and boast a lot
About things they can do and what not

Never do they praise others' might
But only wait for a chance to fight

They think they are second to none and very brilliant
While in reality, they may be the most ignorant.
Cricket World Cup 2003

Three Cheers
Indian Cricketers

Let’s together say
Hip hip Hurray

Be proud to have reached the final
For, achieving this is not so trivial

It was a great disappointment for all of you, no doubt
To miss the world cup is indeed something to worry about

This time, the ball was in the Aussies’ court
So it’s good for you all to take it as a sport.

Your team had won the toss and opted to bowl
Some think that this had caused loss and tend to growl

They find this a reason to blame
But, there is nothing to feel shame

It is all in the game
You brought us name and fame

Many a heart had Sachin won
By getting the highest score of run.

Don’t waste time in repenting
There is no point in panting

Let’s congratulate Ricky Ponting
And his team for their superb batting

They got a magnificent score
With many a six and four

You too are talented
So be contented

That by God’s grace
You've got the second place.