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Friday, March 25, 2011


Conducted by City Express (The New Indian Express)

The City Express conducted a Photo Caption Contest for 75 days from (April 10th 2006 to July 4th 2006).

My caption was adjudged as the best and as such I was given the Bumper Prize (Air conditioner).

The Prize Distribution function that was held at the Indian Express Office, Ambattur on August 24th 2006. The prize Air Conditioner was given to me by the DGM, Mr A.N. Chatterjee.

Below is a poem that I had sent to the Indian Express to express my thanks...

I Express...

Sincere thanks – I would like to express
To the renowned publication – City Express!

Last April, you conducted a Photo Caption Contest
During which time, our creativity was put to test!

Participating in this contest was fun
With lots of cool prizes to be won!

For this contest, I had stiff competition from home too
Mother, sisters, brother, husband...Phew! Quite a few!

We awaited the arrival of City Express each day at our door
With great expectations and hope, to see what was in store!

First, the captions of my sister was published, thrice in line
Then, my mother's, husband's, another sister's, except mine!

This disappointment didn't stop me from participating in the contest
Rather, I was more determined and worked harder to give the best!

The contest was held for 75 days and on the 74th day...
My hard work paid off and my caption was published...Hurray!

Thus, like others, I too got my share of Creamy Inn's 1 kg of Ice cream
What more..."You got the Bumper Prize" - I heard my brother scream!

The Bumper Prize was the prestigious Videocon AC
Without this in summer, life wouldn't have been easy

Awaiting more such contests this summer
With a magnificent prize for bumper!

2. SLOGAN CONTEST - Conducted by Reliance Fresh
Bumper Prize from Reliance Fresh...
I got yet another Bumper Prize - this time from Reliance Fresh for the slogan contest they had conducted in July 2007. The Prize was TVS Star Sports Bike.

The slogan was:

I like shopping in Reliance Fresh because:

Reasonably priced,
Little need
Is satisfied
All in
Cool pack
Ever Fresh

Below is a letter that I sent to Reliance Fresh to thank them for the prize.

I would like to express my thanks to one and all at Reliance to have selected my slogan for the Bumper prize. I never miss an opportunity to take part in slogan contests. This is the second time that I am getting a Bumper Prize. The first time it was an Air Conditioner for the caption contest conducted by City Express. The credit goes to my family especially my father (who is no more) who had been a great source of inspiration for me. I also thank my managers and colleagues at TWWI who always encourage me to participate in such contests.

I would like to say a few words about Reliance Fresh.
Though the purpose of my entering the Reliance shop was to take part in the slogan contest, I soon began to visit it more often (not just for slogan, of course!) due to my liking for it. It is the only place where you find the vegetable- Broccoli. I wasn’t aware of it until my brother and family from USA forced me to try it out. And now thanks to Reliance, my daughter has become a great lover of Broccoli.

I once again express my sincere thanks to Reliance. Thanks a lot for the photographs.

Durga U.K


Hamam Saree Offer Contest
My slogan was selected and I got a silk saree...
This is the slogan I wrote for the contest:
Hamam makes me beautiful because…
it is
Having natural herbals like
Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem
Making our skin smooth
And sparkle like

I participated in the Poorvika - Samsung Pongal Contest ....and won a Microwave Oven.

My slogan:

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