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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I had the opportunity to participate in the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Adarsh Vidyalaya on December 2nd 2014 as the Alumnis of Adarsh Vidyalaya were special invitees...I really enjoyed  reminiscing the childhood days.


Music Academy Dais - all set for AV’s Diamond Jubilee –was a glittering sight!
Auspicious lighting of Kuthuvilakku by Governor Rosiah made it all the more bright!!

Welcome address was given by Bharat Bhushan- President of Punjab Association!
Rajesh Malhotra – the Executive Chairman felicitated the Chief Guest of the occasion!!

Then there was Gen Secretary  Mr Ramesh Lamba’s keynote address!
Followed by Educational Advisor Smt Lalitha’s Special address!!

The top rankers (X and XII) were in turn honoured by the Chief Guest!
Kudos to the lovable teachers – who trained them with great zest!!

Then, he gave away a very special Award named – “Jewel in the Crown”!
To Sharad Batra- who has the credit of being the first seed (student) sown!!

With just 37 (in 1954) to a whopping 2500 students (in 2014) - AV has grown!
May AV’s popularity spread everywhere and become the talk of the town!!

There’s an American Proverb, “If you can read this, thank a Teacher”- True words!
We felt so proud and happy when the AV teachers were honoured with Awards!!

This was followed by a speech by the Chief Guest, filled with lots of appreciation!  
“The first school to introduce Computer science in 1984”, he said with admiration!!

Vote of thanks was given by Mr Ajay Bhalla, the Treasurer of Punjab Association!
With this ended the first session of Adarsh Vidyalaya’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration!!

The management and the Principal of Adarsh Vidyalaya, amidst their schedule so tight!
Personally gave memento cups to all the Alumnis – we are indeed proud to be an Adarshite!!

Alumnis had a pleasant time meeting their friends and teachers after so many years!
It was a great opportunity for them to reminiscence their childhood days… with tears!!

AV’s Annual Day Celebration was held in the afternoon session!
Mr Shakeel Akthar – IPS was the Chief Guest of this occasion!!

After the Welcome address and Chief Guest felicitation!
There was the much awaited Annual Report Presentation!!

Principal Mrs Premala Bhojraj’s reading out the report was soothing to hear!
Everyone was awe-struck by her energy; her voice was so loud and clear!!

Her presentation was supported with appropriate visuals on screen!
Synchronization of her voice & visuals – a real wonder to be seen!!

Then, the best outgoing students of 10th and 12th were given special trophies!
And awards for the teachers/non-teaching staff for their meritorious service!!

This was followed by a very inspiring speech by the IPS Shakeel Akthar!
He quoted many examples of achievers like Dhoni & Sachin Tendulkar!!

“Though there were no past records in the family of these cricketers!
Yet they have done it… so hereditary is not essential – be self-starters”!!

Mr Shakeel then quoted some interesting examples in one’s life!
He said that we should never get a situation that put us in strife!!

Just when a boy was reading “Always speak truth….Obey your elders…a phone bell rang!
Someone asked for his father…”Tell I am not there”…says his father … the son goes bang!!

The IPS concluded by telling “Be a dreamer” and say, “I have to do it!”
To achieve something in life, you must cultivate this habit!!”

The cultural programme was such a treat to watch filled with a wide variety of dance!
From graceful Bharathanatyam  to tiny-tots’ Boney M – & Michael Jackson’s foot tapping dance!!

And from Maharashtrian & Rajasthani folk dance to  Mahishasura Mardhini  dance!
And last but not the least – the Signature dance of AV – the Punjabi Bhangra dance!!

Vote of Thanks by Ms Srilakshmi, AV’s Vice Principal brought the function to a close!
Kudos to the smart student compere…”All is well that ends well” just as the saying goes!!

By Durga U.K (Alumni – Batch ’85)                               

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